Adoption Process

To be considered for adoption, we ask the following:

Phone interview

Visit to our rescue - New parent orientation

Application - available on our homepage

Home visit

Vet reference

Copy of zoning laws for your city/county/HOA


Are you ready to adopt?

Pigs are are amazing animals.  They have a life span of 15-20 years.  They have the most unique personalities.  To be ready to adopt, you will need to have an indoor safe place.  We recommend a portable fencing setup equipped with bedding, water and food bowls, enrichment toys and litter box. For outdoor spaces, we recommend hog panels secured every 4 feet with weather proof shelter and plenty of shade and access to fresh water.


The rest of the story!

Pigs will grow for the first five years of their life.  Healthy potbelly pigs will range from 75-150 pounds as adult pigs however we do NOT guaruntee size or weight.  Potbellies, like people, are products of their environment, and without a proper diet and exercise can quickly become obese.  Pigs will root, eat flower gardens and poop everywhere.  Pigs will require hoof care, eye/ear care, deworming and vet care throughout their lifespan. Find a vet with mini pig experience before adopting. Pigs will require enrichment, and if left unattended they can be destructive.  Pigs, by nature, are herd animals and typically will do better in pairs or more. Be ready to commit to a lifetime of commitment, companionship and compassion 

if you want a mini pig.  We have 100 pigs ready for adoption.

Do YOUR research!!! Adopt don't shop.

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